North Delta Buying Tips

Tom Edwards' Tips for North Delta Home Buyers

I found a home I liked, but it was already sold! Getting the jump on a new listing is half the battle.

Real Costs - How much will the property actually cost when all is said and Done? We can help make sure you know! Additional costs need to be revealed, for example:

  • Purchase Taxes, HST, Legal Fees, Appraisals
  • CMHC Fees, Home Inspection, Property Tax Adjustment
  • Utility Costs, Moving Costs, Home Insurances

Assistance - Professional buying representation insures that a professional is looking out for your best interests, not only helping you save money on the transaction, but doing the necessary home-work.We will comunicate and coordinate with everyone needed to complete a successful real estate transaction. We have the resources to access all MLS listings, instantly, as they appear on the market.Working with one realtor will save you money and time. Representation allows you to maintain your normal work and lifestyle, without sacrificing your ability to do a proper property comparison.

Picturing the Property - When you move into a new house or invest in a new property, buyers' representation helps you understand exactly what is in the deal, and what isn't. We can help you realize what types of future expenses that may happen such as levies or taxes, when you obtain your new home.

Home Inspections - Attend the home inspection with your realtor and iInspection company. Review the home inspection report thoroughly and ask as many questions as you can. For condo and townhouse purchases, we will go over the rules and regulations, strata bylaws, financial statements and minutes of past 24 months strata meetings. Don't take anything for granted.

Contracts and Subject Clauses - Buying a home on your own can lead you to misinterpreting real costs, and subjective clauses. We are trained to understand and recognize when a deal will involve additional costs. We help you make offers, subject to certain clauses, that will insure a smoother transaction, and protect you with the law.

Tom Edwards Apr 12 2006